Mission Statement

At the core of the CIF mission statement is the promotion of equity, quality, character and academic development.  Through the development of programs, increased education, and by fostering awareness, the CIF seeks to establish an inclusive culture that promotes participation opportunities for student-athletes with disabilities.   

Equity- Qualified students with disabilities will have increased opportunities for participation in interscholastic athletics.

Quality- CIF will provide guidance, resources and programs that enhance the training and education of coaches, officials, administrators and parents regarding the inclusion of student-athletes with disabilities.

Character- The inclusion of athletic programs for students with disabilities will underscore CIFs commitment to the tenants of good character by promoting acceptance of differences and fostering respect and understanding between students with and without disabilities. 

Academic Development- Research consistently demonstrates that participation in interscholastic athletics shows academic benefits in the form of higher grades, attendance, graduation rates, and college admission.  It is estimated that over10 percent of the students in California schools have a documented disability. Increasing opportunities for disabled students encourages access to the academic benefits afforded through athletic participation.