Emergency Action Plan Information

Emergency Action Planning Program

This national program is a first-of-its kind Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for after-school practices and events. It is designed to provide a coordinated response to every emergency, including sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) regardless of location on campus or off campus. By implementing Anyone Can Save A Life – establishing response teams is empowering your school and student body to be part of a coordinated response necessary to ensure the best possible outcome and you are preparing your school community to respond immediately to get the help that is needed.

This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to implement Anyone Can Save A Life in  your school.  It provides resources to put an EAP in place, train staff and educate students and parents. Hard copies of this Resource Guide are on CD and were sent to all CIF member high schools and is available to download for free by clicking on the picture above.

CIF Event Emergency Guidelines

Athletic Department Emergency Action Plan

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